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All about sauning:

 Sauna known mainly as a device that has beneficial effects on human health, in particular, preventative effect. Regular sauna strengthens the defense capabilities of the human body and reduces the incidence of various diseases. Furthermore, the sauna is used as a means of gradually hardening as a means to raise condition.

Whence comes sauna and what it means. Sauna is a name derived from the Finnish and refers to a typical bath especially Nordic nations, which is characterized by alternating stays in a hot environment, relatively dry air in transit inten air in snow or just under the cold shower.

Before visiting the sauna Sauna can attend every healthy man (patients must always choose a doctor). For optimal sauna should follow certain principles: the body from sauna should be „cool“, everyone should reserve a period of approximately 90 minutes. One should not be hungry, but even with a full stomach. Before the sauna we delay all the clothes in the shower should be thoroughly washed. Before entering Heating Rooms must be carefully dried to moisture in increasing their Heating Rooms.

Optimum temperature in the sauna For the purpose of regenerating the temperature of air in potírně between 80 and 100 ° C at a relative humidity of 5%. Higher temperature is not suitable for regenerative purposes. The temperature is measured at least 1 m from a heat source at a height of 150 cm above the ground and at least 20 cm from the wall. The highest temperature is near the ceiling, which should not exceed 110 ° C and the lowest on the floor about 40° C.

Recommended length of stay in the sauna It should however be noted that the sauna is an individual experience, and therefore each individual must try and find the most appropriate way. Individual time is mainly stay in sweat room. Length of stay is significantly different, mostly spoken in length about 10 minutes. It should be emphasized that in children there is a sauna overheated very quickly and therefore the length of stay in sweat room be proportionally shorter. Reliable indicator of the end of their stay in sweat room the onset of massive sweating.

Phase Two – cooling After heating followed by rapid cooling. I speed cooling is an individual matter – the effect is to slow the transition to the cold air, a little faster, has a cold shower, then quickly jump into the pool of cold water at 8 to 12 ° C.

The regeneration is recommended as the fastest cooling, a jump in the pool. This cooling is not bad because it is mostly a paradoxical feeling of heat, which caused very intense irritation of the huge number of skin termoreceptorů. Again, the period of stay in the pool a matter of pleasant feeling of cooling. After a while everyone starts to feel the cold chills, and sometimes stinging, and this is the best time to stop the procedure. For public saunas are required for health reasons showering before and after each entry Heating Rooms.

This process – that is warming and cooling – is repeated two to three. The larger the number in the regeneration recommended. The effect of heat is possible potírně strengthen brushing.

Sometimes called the steam is used to impact, set it by pouring about 100–200 ml of water surface of the hot stove. Due to the subsequent sharp rise in humidity will rise very quickly warm.

Whole procedure sauna is a good finish at least 30-minute stay in the lounge. The sauna is part of the regeneration procedure, it is necessary to forget the addition of fluids (in any case, hard liquor). Also massage after the sauna is a very pleasant matter.